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Juan & Maria

I will capture
the images
so you can build
the memories.

DEAR ROMEO & julieta
– OCTOBER 10, 2021

This is incredible. You know?

You are getting married! And you are giving me the honor of portraying such an iconic moment in your
lives and in the lives of your families.

I am extremely honored and humbled to be able to
be a part of this and add these life portraits to a legacy that will last for generations.

This is how important I consider this work, and my commitment is to do it in the best possible way,
and I thank you for trusting me to help you tell this beautiful story.

I will capture it with passion and creativity, understanding the importance of each moment
and highlighting the honesty of this experience that is deeply human, sensitive and valuable.

I have seen love unions like this many times, and what
I have learned is that a moment like this is enjoyed when you live for it. At that moment I invite you to forget everything that happens around you. Don’t worry about tables, decorations, organization. Focus on the most important thing that is happening: the union you are making of your lives. Savor every second, feel the touch of your hands, the intensity of your gaze, the beating of your heart. Feel the vibe of love that surrounds you, and build a moment that you will enjoy. There will be people who will take care of the rest, just like myself, so that you can immerse in that moment as deeply as you can. Believe me, you will want that to be a memory worth preserving.

Then you will see your photos, and will look at yourselves as outside observers and they will discover all the magic that they transmitted in that moment.
And so, you will feel again, and travel back in time and to rediscover every time you see your photos,
how important you are to each other.

Let’s do this together, and create a glance that lasts forever.



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