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HI! My name is rj Baez

I’m creative & Weird enough

I enjoy listening to strange and unfamiliar music

an expert taco taster, but an even better creator of taco recipes.

I am a runner.

I’ve participated in several different races throughout the year.

I have a cat named Capitan. He got lost once and I found him in a bar.

I did my first wedding photoshoot at nine years old, with a Minolta Maxxum.
Me with my mom. She currently owns her own restaurant in Mexico City. I am very proud of her, she work hard and has always been her own boss.

Telling you about me is quite curious, because my work always tries to tell about you. Capture the best images that tell your story naturally and honestly, demonstrating the true essence of love through the couples I work with. But in order to honor the word “essence”, I’ll tell you a little about my story.

My very first wedding I photographed when I was just  9 years old.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My parents taught my brothers and I to stay true to our essence, to watch over ourselves, to fight for what we wanted JUST LIKE they fought WHEN THEY decided to migrate from the countryside to the city, sell their property and with that open a taco restaurant with the only hope of a better life.

You have to make certain sacrifices to keep the essence alive, even certain jobs that you don’t like, but that will help you get
closer to whatever you are pursuing.

He is Capitan my friends renamed him: Capetino el gato malo.

That search brings me here, to the United States

the never-ending search, not staying static
or comfortable where I was but being driven
by mere curiosity to always:


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I lived in California for nine years until I had several job offers that interested me. Including one job far away from there, it was something very exciting and new to me.

I chose the most challenging because I wanted to discover more about myself. Change is difficult, but it is in the difficulty that we explore the best part of ourselves.


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Photography is about rediscovering the everyday. The genuine, honest, and deep artistic beauty that it contains.

My past and my present enriches the way I see life, and how I capture it. My roots are my treasure. Everything that I lived and everything that I am became the fundamental pillars of the work that I do:



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Sometimes it’s only you and your brain. Although others may accompany you, the decision will be ultimately yours to make. The decision to forgive, to enjoy, to progress, to let go.

So when an obstacle comes in the way, I say to my brain: BRAIN, WE CAN DO THIS!

It was in these dialogues with my brain and my heart that I rediscovered my passion for photography, I understood that the creative world was the place where I wanted to develop myself. I feel alive and connected to my essence every time I grab the camera, so I decided to never let
go of my passion.

My friend Wes and I after a 10k in Cleveland, Ohio.